The Baker Tilly Extranet has been replaced!

Welcome to Billy!

RobotIt’s simple to use, interactive and focused on improving communication and collaboration across our global network.

Over the next several months, Billy will introduce vast amounts of useful information and updates from around the network. Stay tuned for updates as new content, features and options launch. 

In no time you and your co-workers will be relying on Billy to share, learn and keep connected with colleagues around the network. 

Let us know what you think and your suggestions for how Billy can grow and develop! For now, log in and familiarise yourself with Billy’s functions and content.

Getting Started in 2 Steps!

Step #1:

Go to Billy -

Step #2:

Use the Forgot Password link on the login screen

You'll receive an instant email asking you to reset your password. Choose a new password and check the 'Remember Me' box on the login screen.

And that's it! You're in!

Don’t forget to bookmark the page -

Top three things to do on login:

  1. Complete your profile - The more info you populate, the easier you are to find
  2. Check out the Get to Know Billy section
  3. Follow content of interest. Start with the Baker Tilly International Newsfeed

I'm also Mobile!

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Our digital workplace name is: and if you have any issues or quesitons, please contact